About us

Samruddhi Power was started in 2014 – is the leading Bangalore – INDIAN, Products of Equipment Sales in India. The company was established on 2014 by Mr. Ganesh, Proprietor (Founder of Samruddhi Power). The company was started initially to Products on small Equipment Sales, Reed Relays, Power Relays and Industrial Controllers. We export nearly 60% of our product to various countries like Middle East

Samruddhi Power Industrial Spare Parts Supplies on Advance Group, which has a footprint in UAE, Oman, Qatar & India. We are headquartered in Bangalore at India. Samruddhi Power core business has been Industry Equipment’s Sales and has earned a reputation for being unmatchable in perfection & quality. We have been associated with big-ticket projects of reputed organizations

Samruddhi Power is offered as an Oil & Gas focused supplier from the house of advance. We have established linkages with many leading oil & gas equipment manufactures through our sourcing agents / Distributors around the globe to become a reliable source to our valuable customers for their requirements. We have a strong infrastructure with a good team of dedicated to undertake all kinds of Industrial engineering equipment spare parts. We have also developed a number of products inhouse for the aviation refueling industry, with a superior build quality, price and delivery time that will make our competitors pale in comparison

Samruddhi Power is committed to Supply quality products & Services at competitive price. The Samruddhi can supply various makes and models of Industrial engines, Power plant, Generators, Gas generators, containerized Generating sets, Turbines, Turbochargers, Oil Separators, Module, Air & Refrigeration Compressors, Fresh Water Generators, Pumps, Hydraulics pumps, & motors, Crane, Governors, Bow Thrusters, Deck equipment, Cranes, Tanker equipment, Inert gas system, Anchor, Anchor Chain etc. Spares like, Crank shafts, Plates, Liners, Piston crowns, Cylinder heads, Piston rings, Bearings, Fuel pumps, Injectors, Nozzle & other spares. Valves, Coupling, Gauges, Pump, Electrical components, electronic components and Automation components. Also, we supply Motion control and process Automation production like AC/DC drives, frequency Filters, power supply, MCPs, servo & spindle motors, stepper motors, induction motors & frequency module.

What We Do.


Samruddhi Power plays a vital role in the petrochemical industry by supplying a wide range of equipment and spare parts necessary for the processing and refining of petroleum and chemical products. From pumps and compressors to valves and automation components, we ensure that our clients have access to top-quality solutions that enhance efficiency and reliability in their operations.

Water & Sewage Treatment

Our company contributes to the water and sewage treatment sector by providing essential equipment and spare parts for water purification, sewage treatment, and wastewater management facilities. We understand the critical role these processes play in environmental sustainability, and therefore, we offer reliable solutions that meet stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Power & Energy

Samruddhi Power is deeply involved in the power and energy industry, offering a comprehensive range of equipment and components for power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Whether it’s generators, turbines, transformers, or control systems, we deliver products that ensure uninterrupted power supply and optimize energy efficiency.


In the textile industry, our company serves as a trusted partner by supplying a diverse range of equipment and spare parts essential for textile manufacturing processes. From weaving and spinning machinery to dyeing and finishing equipment, we provide innovative solutions that enhance productivity and quality in textile production facilities.

Mining & Marine

Samruddhi Power caters to the mining and marine sectors by offering a wide array of equipment and spare parts necessary for extraction, processing, and transportation activities. Whether it’s heavy-duty machinery for mining operations or marine propulsion systems for vessels, we provide reliable solutions that withstand the rugged demands of these industries.

Motion Controls

We specialize in motion control solutions, providing a range of equipment and components that enable precise control and automation of mechanical systems. From servo motors and drives to actuators and controllers, our products ensure smooth and accurate motion in various industrial applications, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Process Automation

Our expertise in process automation allows us to offer advanced solutions for optimizing industrial processes and workflows. By integrating cutting-edge automation technologies, such as PLCs, SCADA systems, and HMI interfaces, we help our clients streamline operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall productivity.

Cement & Paper

Samruddhi Power supports the cement and paper industries by supplying a diverse range of equipment and spare parts essential for production processes. Whether it’s machinery for cement manufacturing or papermaking equipment, we provide reliable solutions that meet the unique challenges and requirements of these sectors.

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